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Please note that drop off begins at 9am and ends at 11am. Pick up anytime after the pack returns from their green grass adventure at approximately 2pm by texting Candace at the number provided in your welcome email. 

Abiding by the following rules will ensure the safety of your pet:

* Your dog must be at least 6 months old and spayed/neutered. 

*Your dog must be registered and have undergone a temperament test. 

*Current vaccination records are required. This includes Rabies, Parvo, and Bordetella immunizations. 

*Dogs must be potty trained. 

*All dogs must be well groomed, free of fleas, skin conditions, or any other contagious illnesses. 

*Incidents of disruptive or aggressive dog behavior will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to ban aggressive dogs permanently. 

*No unscheduled visits allowed. This is a safety measure so dogs remain calm in their pack. If you want to stop by and see your dog, text Candace at the number provided in your welcome email. Under no circumstances can you take your dog out of the daycare pen. An attendant must be present and in charge of leashing and exiting your dog through the gate. 

*Peace of mind is my goal for my pet parents. If you have any questions or concerns, I can always be reached via email or text. As well, I am happy to schedule in-person time to discuss your pet and their needs.  


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