Beach and Trail

Some dogs need more than just a walk. If you have a high energy dog or one who needs to shed a few pounds, join us at the beach or on the trail.

Daily One Hour Hike

Camp BellyRub will pick up your dog between 9-10:30am for a one hour (on leash) Griffith Park Hike. Your dog will come home tired and happy, and will be relaxed for the rest of the day. Well exercised dogs are easier to train and are less likey to destroy property and show aggression. Let us help you achieve a well balanced and happy dog. $30

Weekly Dog Beach Trip

Let us whisk your dog away for the day. We will pick up your pup in the morning and head to Malibu Dog Beach for a day of frolicking in the waves. Seagulls. Sand. Sunshine. It's an awesome change of scenery for a dog. $60 Call for scheduling and availability.

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